GROUP Limited Edition IRA ONO Collage

GROUP Limited Edition IRA ONO Collage


Ira Ono Limited Edition Art Collage are packaged for display and shipping. The collages are mounted on 9" x 7" foam core backing, embellished with found objects. Printed on archival paper, includes mounting hook for easy hanging.

  • "Honu" by Ira Ono

    "Honu" is Hawaiian for the Pacific Green Sea Turtle. They inhabit shallow lagoons feeding mostly on various types of sea vegetables. The Honu is the symbol of longevity, peace, good luck, humility and the inner spirit.

  • "Pinao'ula" (Dragonfly) by Ira Ono

    "Pinao'ula" is the Hawaiian Dragonfly, larger and faster than any other dragonfly in the United States and endemic to the Hawaiian Islands. The dragonfly represents happiness and joy.